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We are committed to coaching and helping our youth to embrace their talents and skillsets. They will be empowered to unleash their full potential in being future leaders.  This will inspire them to increase their desire to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.


Embrace, Empower, Educate, and Inspire Our Youth with a Focus on Community Engagement and Development.

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Our Passion is to help stimulate our young people’s mindsets to become the best versions of themselves. Our curriculum is designed to empower young women and men, so they will take control over their own lives, they will be strong, influential, present in society, and will be respected and have confidence in themselves and their communities. This will inspire them to increase their desire to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and in their community. LEAAD curriculum enhances community service involvement, develops leadership skills, promotes high self-esteem, positive affect, and learning about healthy competition.  The participants of our workshops are more likely to be scholastically bound.  They will become poised in etiquette, life skills, entrepreneurship, finances, and learn the value of higher education through college, universities, technical, and/or trade school.


Viva Straughter is a graduate of Fresno High School. Lived in the bay area. Retired 30 plus year career with AT&T. Viva moved back to Fresno in 1992 and retired in 2011.


Viva has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping  others in her community, especially our youth.


Upon moving back to Fresno, she started a business “Simply Haute Productions” producing 10 annual Fashion and Hair Shows from 1992-2002.

She advocates for many causes in her community. Viva has organizational memberships with (BWOPA) Black Women Organized For Political Action, (BAPAC) Black American Political Association of California, (NAACP)National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People. Viva is also Co- Founder and Vice President of Black Leaders Organizing Change (BLOC). She is a volunteer for the Alzheimers Association Fresno Branch and  Legislative Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy, and a volunteer for Public Policy.   

Viva  Straughter
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