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The goal of our workshops is to educate and empower the African-American youth in the Fresno community. HIgh school and college students have the option to take as many courses as they please, all free of charge. Completion of every course will result in students being equipped with all of the tools they need to flourish in society!

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Life Skills

This workshop teaches basic skills to master before moving out on your own. Teaching life skills to our young people promotes self-sufficiency, personal growth, happiness, and healthy, meaningful lives! 



In this workshop, we train on all types of etiquette including corporate etiquette, professional etiquette, dress etiquette, dinning etiquette, and so much more. Etiquette can be described as formal rules that are followed in social or professional settings. Knowing proper etiquette allows you to flourish, knowing the do's and don't's of society.

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Self Awareness

In this workshop, we will discuss the different elements of self-awareness, such as feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Our program will help build self-confidence, along with recognizing strengths & weaknesses.

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In this workshop, we educate our participants in creating wealth, tax-free advantages, options for investments, and retirement. We also train on how to establish and manage a bank account along with teaching what good credit is and what bad credit is. Being knowledgeable about finances will give you the ability to achieve your financial goals by managing money effectively. 

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In this workshop, we teach about taking control and guiding people. Having great leadership skills can help others develop while bringing out the best in yourself, no matter what role or title one has.

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Community Service

In this workshop, LEAAD helps our youth engage in family and community service. Volunteering positively impacts not only the community but the lives of our young people who are giving back to their community.


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LEAAD works hard to enlighten and encourage          African American youth and provide all the tools necessary for success! All of the courses provided are free of charge for our students with the help of individual and cooperation donations. Make a positive change in the Fresno community by helping us continue giving our students the knowledge to pursue a bright future by donating today!

LEAAD- Leadership Empowering African American Development
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