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1. Contestants must be a citizen of the United States of America (USA).

2. Contestant must be a male recognized medically and legally as a male in The USA.

3. Contestant must reside in Fresno, California.

4. Winner and runner-up will be required to attend events during her reign as MR BLACK FRESNO & MR BLACK TEEN FRESNO. Both will attend the following year’s pageant to crown the new winner in each category.

5. Contestant agrees to provide an original copy of her birth certificate to verify age and gender upon request.

6. Contestant must never have been married or had a marriage annulled.

7. Contestant must never have given birth to a child and cannot be a parent or guardian.

8. Contestants cannot be a father or have fathered a child. 

9. Contestant promises not to slander the Mr. Black Fresno Pageant, its director, staff, peers, judges and volunteers, and or anyone else affiliated with the Pageant.

10. Contestants are encouraged to find sponsorship to assist them with registration fees, ticket sales, and your evening gown.

11. Contestants will participate in all areas of competition which includes talent, evening gown, and judges’ questions.

12. Contestants with excessive piercings, tattoos will need to remove or cover in the pageant.

13. Contestants must be able to and should abide at all times, displaying first-rate and pageant brand manners, exercising sisterhood behavior at all times to contestants, staff, and their community.

14. Contestants and Contestants’ parents or legal guardians agree to abide by eligibility requirements and affirm that all information provided is true.

15. Contestants must be in high school or college, not older than twenty-five (24) years of age on December 31.

16. Contestant Must agree with all eligibility requirements outlined in the official Pageant rules, regulations, and sign a contract agreeing to rules & regulations. If the Contestant is a minor their parent or legal guardian must sign the contract on their behalf.

17. Contestant does not need to be born in the city of which you represent, but must currently reside in the city represented.

18. Contestant outfits will be approved by the pageant director and advisory committee.

19. The MR BLACK FRESNO Pageant can change the dates and venue of the pageant as deemed necessary.

20. The MR BLACK FRESNO Pageant has the right to refuse anyone entry into the Pageant.

21. There will be NO videography at the MR BLACK FRESNO Pageant.

22. No guests of contestants are allowed in dressing rooms.

23. Registration Fee of $100.00 is Non-Refundable.

24. Must live in Fresno or have lived in Fresno for at least 90 days prior to the pageant.

25. Must be enrolled in high school or college prior to pageant registration.

26. Contestants must attend all rehearsals, training sessions, workshops, and public appearances.

27. It is mandatory that all contestants will sell 10 tickets.

28. All photos from photoshoots are property of Leadership Empowering African American Development

29. In the case of a medical emergency, the Contestant is to notify the Director immediately.

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